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Unallied Industry Projects

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Purpose of this program:

To provide grants and cooperative agreements for biological, economic, sociological, public policy, and other research and administration projects to benefit U.S. fisheries industries and contribute to the economic and social welfare of the Nation; also, to award grants and cooperative agreements to develop innovative approaches and methods for ensuring the safety, quality and integrity of U.S. fishery products; also, to provide funds to the five States bordering the Gulf of Mexico, for projects or other measures designed to alleviate the long-term effects of disasters on the Gulf's fishery resources and associated habitat. To facilitate the administration, coordination and implementation of the research activities of the Cooperative Institute for Fisheries Molecular Biology (FISHTEC). The goal of FISHTEC is to develop, test, and apply new technology in molecular biology for use in management of commercial and recreational marine fisheries. Emphasis of the research program is placed on development of molecular genetics techniques to identify and evaluate the status of fish stocks/populations subject to fishing pressure and/or environmental impacts. To support the implementation of community-based demonstration projects in the U.S. western Pacific that promote the development of fishery-related industries and the economic self-sufficiency of native Pacific islanders and communities.